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When he was a little boy, Alain wanted to be an antiques collector !

From a very young age, he was receptive to beautiful objects, creative professions, heritage and history…

His father’s woodworking machines were part of the décor of Alain’s childhood, in the workshop of the family farm in Burgundy, France.

And it seems certain that his love of stone and marble was passed down from a great-grandfather who was a quarryman.

Alain developed his stone-carving skills very early, when he became fascinated by geology and palaeontology.

Alain is also, and above all… a dreamer ? an artist ? Unarguably, a true creative.

He initially considered attending the École Boulle college of fine arts and crafts in Paris, but ultimately gained his higher education at “Sup de Co”, the affectionate name for business school.

In parallel, far from leaving his manual dexterity by the wayside, he kitted out a workshop, trained as a sculptor and filled book after book with his sketches…

Alain took on a whole series of practical projects alongside his career as a corporate manager, but his dreams maintained their hold on him… so at the point of turning 50, he made a life change : Gascony Design was born !


Back when Karine sat her sixth-form exams, she aspired to become a student of architecture or set design…

She dreamed of working on set decoration, especially for the theatre, and places where the greatest care goes into choosing materials, lighting, and fabrics too…

In the end, she also found herself in the Sup de Co lecture halls, the first step of her career in corporate management.

For Karine, too, childhood dreams were never far from her thoughts, straying like a guiding thread into her mind, until it was time to make the leap. She enrolled at Marseille Design and Decoration school (Sup Déco – a subtle difference in institution nickname, but a major change in focus ! ) to train in Applied Arts, followed by a course on “Spatial and Object Design” at Studio M in Marseille.

Gascony Design is the fruit of two pairs of diligent hands, but most of all, it is born of the tender complicity between Karine and Alain.

A special dedication goes to our friend Blaine TAYLOR – Fine Furniture Designer & Builder


Today, in the Gascony Design workshop, the pair unite their complementary expertise to bring you refined creations brimming with free expression… the result of turning their lives around !​​

Lieu dit Bordeneuve – 32300 L’ISLE DE NOE – FRANCE
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