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Our profession

Designing and Creating limited series of light fittings and furniture with a pared-down, unwaveringly modern look and feel, using high-quality materials and working in harmony with humankind and our planet.

Restoring selected light fittings and vintage items, giving them a new lease of life and a timeless appeal.

Woodturning and sculpting very special pieces of wood that give a warm and poetic feeling to our interiors.

In our Gascony-based workshop, we put our expertise to use at every step, from initial design to the finished product.

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Our philosophy

To work with rare or unique objects, leaning towards the simple, the natural.

We go beyond simple functionality to design lights that are lovely to behold and to touch, and that create within your home a warm atmosphere like no other.

We choose raw materials that align with our ethos:

  • Dead or storm-felled wood from nearby places in Gascony
  • French stone and marble, mostly extracted from the Pyrenees
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Our sources of inspiration

We’re always on the lookout for harmonious pairings, on a tireless quest to discover new materials!

Every creation is an opportunity to bring new materials together, giving prominence to either wood or metal, combined sometimes with glass, other times with marble, or even with ostrich eggs that seem to be made of porcelain…

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Our clients

Our creations come into their own in a range of spaces, equally enlivening a traditional apartment, a contemporary villa, an older dwelling, an industrial open-plan “loft” space, a restaurant or a hotel.

Our clients – whether male or female – share a love of fine materials and simply, subtly beautiful objects. They are connoisseurs of eclecticism in decoration, and also happen to be an inquisitive, friendly bunch…

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